About the Rockaway Park former Manufactured Gas Plant Site

Gas used for cooking, lighting, heating and commercial purposes was manufactured at the Rockaway Park Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) at Beach Channel Drive and 108th Street between the late 1870's and 1958.  During that period, the plant expanded several times as land was reclaimed from Jamaica Bay.  The by-products of gas production that were released on the site are responsible for contamination which is now being addressed through a Remedial Action Plan and Remedial Design approved and being conducted under the oversight of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation by National Grid.    The site is owned by National Grid, which is responsible for the investigation and remediation of the site because it was operated by a predecessor company at the time the contamination occurred.

This website provides information on the Rockaway Park former MGP Site, the remediation projects and opportunities for public participation. National Grid is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, always seeking ways to minimize the environmental impacts of our past, present and future activities. We hope this website, a part of our public participation and outreach efforts, is helpful and informative. If you need additional information or have suggestions to make our website better, please contact the individuals listed under Contacts.

Site Activities Update - May 2016

Remedial Construction for the Bulkhead Area phase of work began in October 2015. The Bulkhead Area is located immediately north of Beach Channel Drive between Beach 108th Street and the end of the Rockaway Freeway, north of the main site parcel. The remediation is being performed by National Grid, under the oversight of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). A NYSDEC Factsheet was mailed out in October 2015. The factsheet summarizes the construction in the bulkhead area that is a part of the Rockaway Park Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site remediation. A copy of this factsheet can be found on this website under the Key Documents/Factsheets and Newsletters.

In regards to the closure of Beach Channel Drive, National Grid is coordinating closely with NYC DOT to repair the area of the road adjacent to the bulkhead. Road re-construction activities will begin starting May 5, 2016 and scheduled to be completed by end of May 2016.

National Grid maintains a telephone hotline for the site, 718-403-3400, for any questions or comments from the community.

Website Updates

Weekly Update for Week of May 2nd

Beach Channel Drive roadway work will begin Thursday and are still on track to be finished before Memorial Day. In regards to the bulkhead area remediation work, National Grid’s contractor has completed installation and development of four of the five well clusters. The esplanade work also continues. Topsoil continues to be brought to the site for the planting beds and the frame of the staircase has been formed. The sub-base for the new sidewalk is also being developed.

CAMP data is reviewed and compared to specific NYSDEC/NYSDOH approved criteria, known as “Action Limits.” As a result of this evaluation process, site conditions are categorized into two categories, “Operational Condition” and “Action Condition.” The “Operational Condition” is applicable when the data is below the “Alert, Response and Action Limits”, and means that normal operations can continue. The “Action Condition” occurs when one or more of the fifteen minute average measurements for Dust (PM10), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) or Odor Intensity are greater than the background or upwind measurement by the specified “Action Limits.” Reaching an Action Level requires corrective action or stopping work until the condition is addressed or abates. During the period from Monday, April 27, 2016 through Friday, April 29, 2016, two portable CAMP stations were in-use and measured TVOC and PM10. Fifteen-minute averages for TVOC and PM10 data remained below the Action Limit.